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What there is to do after getting to level 65

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When we attain the best of your present version, what else can we play? Now Mu2zen shares with you what there is certainly to perform soon after obtaining to level 65. Mu2zen as a professional Mu Legend zen web-site, delivers secure, rapidly and inexpensive Mu legend redzen for you personally. With more than 10 years of excellence, we've got served a huge number of prospects. If you are hesitating where to purchase Mu legend things, Mu2zen will likely be a great selection.

What there is to do after getting to level 65

Lets start off using the factors you'll be able to locate in your game menu by pressing ESC
Initially in the list could be the Mu legend Rift
The Rift is primarily for farming Magic Gems, i hugely propose undertaking it, ill be posting a video quickly on how i do The Rift in order that you guys will understand how to clear it quicker, i will also clarify concerning the use of Magic Gems later on

Second is Fabrice's Garden
Fabrice's Garden delivers you with supplies like Entire Newk and Whole Crystal, these mats are for Rerolling among your mainstat/substat on your equipments, also from the boss cube which you can receive within this dungeon you can get Pets and Evolution Stone Fragment and Evolution stone. Evolution Stone Fragment are used to craft an evolution stone which u can use to evolve your pet, so i very suggest doing Fabrice's Garden every day!

Third is Magic Gem Mine
in the name itself, you are able to get alot of Magic Gems within this dungeon very advisable to do it every day!

Fourth is Blood Castle
i didnt bother carrying out this when i was nonetheless a beginner, its a time attack dungeon, i recommend trying it out with an auto party but yeah it features a time limit of 10 minutes and for those who clear it in about eight minutes or extra you wouldnt get that substantially of a reward, the principle reward on this dungeon is Jewel of Bless and Magic Gem Pouches, i hugely advised carrying out it once you're decently geared less 3 you could solo this very easily when youre decently geared as a WarMage or Whisperer.

Fifth is Luery's Secret Vault
this dungeon rewards you with alot of mu legend zen! you extremely advise undertaking it every day for the reason that you understand, cost-free revenue, the boss cube that you could get in the finish of this dungeon offers you a Statue which you can sell to NPC and it can give you 150k/250k/400k im not certain if theres a statue that price much more than 400k but yeah do that everyday to obtain zen.

Subsequent is Endless Tower
Endless Tower rewards you primarily with Seal of Power, Seal of Energy can be exchanged in the NPC on Ohrdor named Endless Tower Merchant for Wing Growth Stone that you could use to upgrade your wings in the Enchantment Merchant, it is possible to also invest in a Wing Evolution Stone with Seal of Power in case your wing is prepared to move up to the next tier. i extremely advise doing Endless Tower daily.

Subsequent is Lupa's Labyrinth ok so this really is kinda difficult to explain but ill attempt my finest, Lupa's Labyrinth is often a dungeon that offers your artifact EXP to level up, in the boss space once you kill the boss it drops a Broken Artifact Fragment, Lupa's Boss Cube(while not at 100% chance, i believe it features a 40% possibility to drop), and Artifact EXP that you just need to loot in order that your artifact gets EXP, you'll need about 50 Broken Artifact Fragment to craft a whole artifact. 40 pcs are employed to craft the essence around the crafting npc that may be located in towns plus the ten pcs are utilised to make the 2 artifact essence into a whole. verify out T-Party's guide about artifacts right here:

ill be posting a video aswell quickly on how i do Lupa's Labyrinth to ensure that you guys will have an notion on ways to clear it fast. Note: Lupa's Labyrinth floor 1 to 15 could be soloed but above that you just ought to uncover a group ( also you need to be decently geared if you want to solo, if not then obtain a group of ppl it is possible to do it with :D)

Subsequent is AI Arena
do that daily, extremely advisable! you get to fight the other player's AI within a pvp match and in the event you win a streak of 10 you get a decent amount of Magic Gems, so yeah it rewards you primarily with magic gems, also if youre on top of the board i assume you get rewarded with a decent quantity of Fighter's Token which you may exchange for helpful products at the PvP Merchant which could be identified in Ohrdor.

Next up is Mythic Dungeons theres 3 types of mythic dungeon -Pit of Nightmare -Heath Mine -Sky Temple Mythic difficulty on these dungeons are unlocked once you reached level 65, at mythic difficulty you've got a likelihood to obtain a Ancient/Mythic Grade Gear or components which you can use to craft Ancient/Mythic Grade equipmenet in the crafting npc as a drop in the Boss or in the Boss Cube, this can be your initial step to gear oneself decently inorder to solo some dungeons that i pointed out above. heres a little bit bit old video of my warmage soloing heath mine at mythic difficulty 1:

i highly advise doing mythic dungeons to have yourself geared up specially for the Epic Dungeons which i'll clarify below

Mu legend Dark Lord could be the much better tank Class to play

From my expertise it's superior to play tank Dark Lord. The explanation is, his spells. He has much more close range spells, which indicates it will be really hard for him to produce dmg, becouse he will take plenty of dmg and can need to fall back.

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MU Legend Whisperer operation magnetic field of pain

use three kinds of skill to absorb / decelerate / wide.Absorption is used for the utility & passive to collect mobs, Width is used for basic passive (8% speed) rather than buff Lastly, slowing is not really necessary for passive (it increases by 2 points of defense but it is up to 5 nesting).The magnetic field is more of a mob than it is to write, so if you spend it with trees, you can get a better deal than you think.


MU Legend Tips For The War Mage Labyrinth

Recommended skill tree : propulsion explosion, glacier prison, flame curtain, indiscriminate frenzy, hallucination pollution.Skill Combo: A. Flame tabernacle> indiscriminate frenzy> hallucinogenic pollution> propulsion explosion> dill hara flap curtain + glacier prison>


MU Legend Technical Support Bulletin

This is a guide for when leaks and stoppages occur during play.Intermittent rake phenomenon and stop phenomenon are caused by various causes, and most of them can be solved by the following methods.

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