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Correct usage of Mu legend stamps

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Many people do not seem to know.Write down how to use the stamps correctly.Once, there are three types of stamps.first unstable engraving,The second is a blue engraving,The last is a red engraved book

Correct usage of Mu legend stamps

It is the first unstable engraving 

When used as described, one stats are attached up to the highest level .

The second is a blue engraving 

It is ranked one level above the unstable stamp,
Max rare preceded to a 1-3 random stats up.

The last is a red engraved book .

Red Mu Legend Zen is a striking book of 150 prices.
Up to three legends can be added to the legend .
Here, I will tell you how to use the stamps here.
There are some people who blindly blend in blue / red from the beginning.
Never do that.At first, engrave uncertainly unstable engravings.

If you open an advanced option, you will continue to have advanced options .
(There are too many people who do not know this)
What if unstable engravings were to float on each other?
If you do not have a cache, you can still pick up your opponent.
The advanced status is maintained, so you can quickly get the desired output!

What if you want to make a rare stamp of the upper level ?
Please use a blue engraved book with a high level.
If you write about 1 ~ 10, you get a rare option,
This also maintains a rare state, making it easier to draw the desired op- posite.
The same is true of red stamps .
If you apply it to equipment that is rare , you can make heroes much easier .
( Heroes -> Legends also work with red strikes)
Note that a rare option souls experience a new option called the
It has the advantage of having up to 3 options,
Legend has all the options that exist in the equipment .
(Skin / reappearance / rejuvenation / chiropi / speed / perception / avoidance / blocking)

Finally,At least 30 pieces of equipment are required to cast more than heroes ,If you do not know how to use the above, 20 pieces will also enter the equipment to make a hero .

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