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Mu legend Daily work you must do for beginners

Mu2zen Date: Sep/19/17 21:38:31 Views: 990

If you are a mu legend beginners, Suggest you do Mu legend Daily work : pic 2 Dungeon,Room of work,Daily Quest,Gap of construction.


Mu legend Daily work you must do for beginners


1. Epic 2 Dungeon
Dragon's Hide / Sanctuary of Dragon Knight Epic dungeons from 1/1 to 5/5I recommend that you join the party that matches your equipment and combat strength.

2. Room of work
We recommend that you do everything.

3. Daily Quest
I do not need Duukan's proof.It is recommended that you keep your myths fixed.Gloves, helmets and other armor may be added later.PvP may be added as a merchant.

4. Gap of construction
Majungseok / Rupa's library portal acquisition siteBe sure to ~ The more you practice, the better.If you grab the goblens that live only in construction and you get the cubesYou can also acquire the library of the Rupa.

◇ Raise your soul experience by 10% (once per character)
Shortcut key V (attack strength / AI arena) ~ History view (lower left of the screen) ~ Information tab ~ Congratulations.Soul Wrap 1 ~ 99 takes about 10 thousand zen.Soul wraps take between 100 and 500,000 zen.Soul wraps take about 200 to 100,000,000 mu legend zen. 

Mu legend Cube acquisition items summary

MU Legend is the official follow-up to Mu Online - one of the first 3D MMORPGs in South Korea. Like its predecessor, MU Legend is developed by the Korean gaming company Webzen Games.this article list item name, fixed option in temple of the expanse,Heath Mine,Nightmare hell dungeon for mu legend class

Mu Legend OBT Will be release November 7th 2017

Hi Mu legend Fans,Webzen published Mu Legend OBT Will be release November 7th 2017, and All available users have been invited to take part in a stress test, under the hashtag "#Breakourserver", intended for September 23rd.


MU Legend War Mage re-set 45% setting

The repertoire is a setting that many people prefer, including the Dark Road.Skill sentence repercussions 5 fur, character self-inspired 45 fur, total 50 fur In other words, by reducing the half of the cooldown and bringing the repertoire to the soul,You can expect a high turnover by investing your soul in attacks or fatalities.


Mu legend War Mage unique Strong magic powers and assassination skills

The War Mage's magic attacks will be the most elaborate out of all of the classes, and his magic powers can destroy enemies in a wide location.He might be applied as a ranged damage dealer or as a melee harm dealer, moving quick like an assassin working with a sword imbued with mana


Mu Legend Updated The 3 Vs 3 PVP mode inside the game

The release comes just one month just after the official OBT launch and is WEBZEN's very first update to the game. The highly anticipated 1st set of PvP attributes is now unlocked, enabling players worldwide to compete in fast-paced, cross-server 3v3 battles.


MU Legend English Version OBT at November 2017

In Mu legend facebook updated a news MU Legend's Open Beta moved to November 2017, So bad for mu legnd fans wait for play this game. but i thank this is good news for mu legend fans, If this postponement, give us a better mu legend, then why not wait 3 months.

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